10 things a husband hates about his wife

As a couple, there are always those little things that annoy us or that we do not like our dear half. Often, what a husband may hate in his wife does not result from hatred or contempt but from a willingness to want the best for his life partner. Here are 10 things a husband secretly hates at his wife’s house and is a great sign of love!

1. He hates to see you in pain

Being married means that you do not feel things alone on your side. Whenever you are injured, it also hurts your husband and he hates that feeling because he feels helpless in the face of your pain. When you suffer, do not repel him, but rather communicate with him and express yourself. He will do everything possible to heal your pain, and to see you happy and fulfilled. Give him this chance.

2. He hates when you try to hide your pain

Red-eyed, stuffy nose and muffled voice, your husband saw that you were crying, and he does not want you to hide that from him. He understands that you have problems, and he probably can not help you, but late at night when you sob in the bathroom, he is there to hear you and blame himself for not being able to comfort you.

3. He hates not having you close to him

When two people decide to spend their life together, they get used to each other to the point that the absence of one of the two partners gives the other the impression of having a big void. Your husband may try to find excuses for you to stay at home and not go on a particular job trip, but in reality, he does not like to stay away from you.

4. He hates when you doubt your abilities

You married a man knowing that he was not perfect, but you managed to see the best in him. He also married you not only for what you are, but for what you could be too. When your doubts pull you down, contact him. His confidence in you could finally make the difference and build your confidence in yourself.

5. He hates when people disrespect you

Humans naturally protect their loved ones who are dear to their hearts. So the next time you see him react harshly to a person who has disrespected you, it comes from his instinctive desire to protect you from anything that could harm you.

6. He hates when you try to change to please him

The company sometimes dictates how to be the ideal partner, so if you try to comply with the standards of society to please your husband, he will not like that. He did not marry an ideal model of a woman, he married you! Getting better does not necessarily mean changing, he already loves you for who you are.

7. He hates when you give up on your dreams

Failure is an inevitable part of life, but he has seen the time and effort you have invested in your work. Let him comfort you when you fail, but do not give up. Take it back and try again.

8. He hates when you lower yourself

The body changes over time, and it does not always change for the better. It’s a natural process. Know that your husband’s feelings for you do not depend on your figure. He hates when you are ashamed of your body or when you compare yourself to other women. He married you for what you are, and your relationship is deeper than pounds more, stretch marks or some expression wrinkles.

9. He hates being the reason for your sadness

Sometimes we end up hurting those we love. But hurting the people we love is something we will always regret. Sometimes your husband can hurt you involuntarily, and sometimes he can do it under the influence of anger, but when he’s sorry, he really is. He hates being the reason for your sadness, and seeing you suffer hurts too.

10. He hates that you are not happy

The most important point of this list is this one, that your husband hates not to see you happy. You promised to spend the rest of your days together, so be happy! Believe in your couple and your husband. He loves you and wants you to be happy.


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