10 strategies to turn your dreams into reality

Many of us live for our dreams. Often, they are what makes you want to continue. Our dreams are in us since we were children. We do not have them by accident. And more importantly, the dreams in us so precious are made to be realized. Here are ten strategies to turn your dreams into reality.

# 1 – Be honest

The truth should free you: free you from your worries, guilt and anything that holds you back and prevents you from realizing your dreams. At any time you can be honest with yourself. It can hurt you but it will change you forever. Be true with yourself if you want your dreams to come true. If there is something in your behavior or personality that does not make you happy, improve it.

For example, if you’re struggling financially, admit it. Admit that you have made some mistakes and that you are not in the best position. But at the same time, look directly for ideas to get out of this situation. It may be to call your bank for some advice. It does not matter what it is. If you are honest, the world will be more helpful to you. Being honest is not easy, but if you can master it, you will excel in everything.

# 2 – Start with the little things first

Often, it’s the little things in the middle that keep you from getting bigger things. Maybe you have to take out the trash that is in the middle of the road for days. Or that you should sort in your wardrobe. Or that you have long wanted to call someone without having done so. Take care of the little things because these are the little important details.

To turn your dreams into reality, focus on mastering every little step. Making you better in small steps will help you when the big steps arrive.

# 3 – Be ready to turn your dreams into reality

You must prepare for the greatness to which you aspire. How? By planning. Before writing each article, I take the time to plan. It could be a raw plan written in the subway on my phone. But it is rather a complete plan with the angle that I will address in the article.

The plan validates your goals. It shows that you are serious about yourself about being successful. Planning is all around us. Today, millions of people plan their days at work, what they will eat or what they will buy from the people they love for their birthday.

Imagine that your dream is to build your own home. In order for you to build this house, you have to sit down and analyze the costs and the money you can collect. When you plan this, you connect the reality to your dreams. You make the link between costs, projected revenues and the calendar with your goal, your dream. It will help turn your dreams into reality.

# 4 – Plant well

Since we plant the seeds of success or failure every day, we must fix our intentions on the right kind of seed. To live your dreams, you must plant good thoughts, words and actions. What are the good seeds to plant every day? It depends who you want to become in the next six months or the next year. I love challenging myself by asking myself this simple question: “Are my thoughts, words and actions in tune with who I want to be and where I want to go? “. Every day we become someone taking a certain direction. But how often do we stop and determine if that’s what we really want in our life? If you want to turn your dreams into reality, you must be intentional in everything.

# 5 – Pay the price of your dreams

Your dreams have a price. Paying the price is the sacrifice. I think sacrificing is giving up something to gain something else. Ask yourself often: “What should I give up to get what I want? “. It may be that you have to give up some sleep to make this project happen faster. Or maybe you have to stop watching this show to spend more time with those you love. Look around and write down the things you have to give up and the things you need to put in place. As humans, our consciousness is a complete part of ourselves. This awareness knows what we should and should not do to realize our dreams.

We do not receive without giving. And we do not win, without losing. Starting today, pay the price you need to make your dreams come true. Pay the price to make your dreams come true tomorrow.

# 6 – Never land

Always be thankful but do not rest on your laurels. To rest for something is the surest way to trigger laziness. Continue working. Continue to believe. And continue to improve. The world is always looking for the next innovation, superstar or the next big business. And it can be you!

It’s easy to rest on the mediocrity we see around us or to give up because the people around us are coming down. But that assures you that your dream will not come true. We think that being less or less is a sign of humility, but there is nothing humble about being average. If you are able to dream it is that you can do it.

It’s time to force yourself to look for the best in your life. Do not worry about what they say because you do things right or not, whether you give up or try again, or that you follow your dreams or succumb to mediocrity, there will always be criticism.

# 7 – Serving the community

Whatever the dream, there is no doubt that you are going to need people. The good news is that someone out there needs you as much as you need. You have to share your dreams, your talents. Seek to solve problems through your dreams.

Describe the type of person you want to help. Describe your ideal customers or consumers. Write down who you want to touch with your music, your free or your services. At your work, get together with your colleagues and brainstorm about what works in your team and what does not work. Seek to reach greatness wherever you are.

You should not be helping only people who are related to your goals, but all the people who are in the way. Many people want to be presidents, CEOs, managers, captains or perfect. But they fix their intentions on the wrong way of life. To create lasting leadership, you need to put your needs last. People will help you turn your dreams into reality, but you have to help these people first.

# 8 – Overcoming the excuses

There is no time for a whiny party. Every moment counts! Excuses are your biggest adversity. Many people move forward with an army of excuses. Finally, it becomes natural for them to give up their dreams or the dreams of others. Many of us list a mental excuse. I invite you to create your own run list. For every “I can not do that,” write next to “I’m able to do that because I’m equipped with everything you need to succeed,” “I’m talented,” and so on. Challenge all excuses!

I realized that we will always find what we are looking for. If we focus on why things have failed or why we can not do something, a lot of reasons are available. Fortunately, if you want to do the opposite and meditate on the execution, your mind will attract a lot of tools to complete your potential.

# 9 – Follow the process to turn your dreams into reality

Do not expect that reaching your goals will be easy. But wish it was worth it.

Maybe you are going through an uncertain time and you are not sure of reaching your dreams. In everything we do, there are certain processes or steps that we have to go through to get somewhere.

Any setback is a sign for you to step up the process. It can be fear, poor health or lack of resources. But use these processes wisely. Raise your thinking and your way of talking about life. If you can master failure, fear or sickness, the world will reward you with more than you desire. It does not matter where you are today. I think you are able to grow and become more mature in everything you experience.

When we look at our lives, we identify poignant moments as moments when we take our dreams in hand by making monumental decisions. You will remember the day, month and year in which you made the decision to change your lives to make your dreams come true.

# 10 – Mimer

Every moment of the day is an opportunity to reach your goals. Sing as the greatest singer on the planet. If your goal is to become an expert in your field, start studying with such zeal to get the impression that you are already an informed individual. What if you went for a test drive of the car of your dreams? When you realize your dream, you must do it with a faith without fear, because it is the spark to produce prodigious results. Faith is an action and your level of faith will decide how often you realize your dreams.


Goodness inside must be transferred to the outside. Your dreams must be bigger than you. People can forget your name but they should never forget your dreams. Always remember that the first part of our dreams is the part where we dream each day. And the second part is where we go to realize them. I hope this article will have filled you with motivation to help you turn your dreams into reality!


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