10 signs that your man is manipulating you and you have to leave him

Manipulation is the privilege of men and women and settles between two individuals, often closely related. It is characterized by a confrontation using dishonest, disrespectful and unscrupulous means so that one of them profits and maintains a certain pressure and power over the other.

Often, when a person manipulates us, she does it in a subtle and fine way by hiding her game so that we do not realize it.

However, there are signs that are not misleading and should be brought to the attention of all, to avoid the devastating effects that manipulators can have on their psychic and emotional state.

If you are in a relationship with a manipulative man, here are the 10 signs to detect and you must not neglect in order to protect yourself.

  1. He always acts like a victim

In a relationship, a manipulator will make you believe that you are the most violent and that he is a victim of your aggressiveness and your behavior. He will try to put you under indirect pressure to make you guilty even if you do not deserve it.

  1. He always has an excuse for everything

He will always find an excuse for his behavior, which he will prepare in advance. He will get away with it and make you believe his innocence.

  1. He rejects everything you feel

Whatever conflict situation you are in, it will reject your emotions and pains and make them insignificant to the situation.

  1. He will change the subject each time you want to know more about his life

This man will never open to you and never reveal his secrets or his past. It will make you feel that you are not important to him or indispensable in his life. Your questions will always remain unanswered.

  1. He is deliberately hurting you 

He will try by all means to make you feel bad about you by making not very complacent remarks about you in order to lessen your confidence in you and your esteem. By manipulating you like this, you will get even more hooked on him and make sure that you constantly approve everything he says and everything he does.

  1. He makes you guilty of having other friends

To gain power over you, he will show you that you are not allowed to spend time with anyone else, and will make you feel guilty for leaving him alone. He will make you believe that he must be the only man in your life and that you should not have other friends, while he himself, does not deprive himself of having and he sees regularly, of elsewhere.

  1. He treats you well in public, but very badly in private.

So that nobody knows that he is treating you badly, he will show in public or in front of your relatives that he is in love with you and will behave in a complacent and endearing way. So others will always think that you are exaggerating if you ever complain to him about them.

  1. You feel fear and insecurity in his presence

You will never feel the emotional security you need in a relationship. You will always have the feeling of having an uncertain future with him.

  1. He lies to you constantly

He will always show you a lack of respect by using lies to draw situations to his own advantage. He will have no qualms about making up the truth, if necessary.

  1. He makes you feel that you are dependent and indebted to him

He will always make you feel indebted to him in a certain way for all the things he has supposedly done for you. You will feel bound to him unconsciously and can no longer detach you from it. He will pull the strings of your relationship in his own way and as he sees fit. You will be his puppet


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