10 reasons why you should not remove eye makeup with oil

Oil is one of the most common natural make-up removers used by most women, but what happens when using this product can be detrimental to your health. we explain why you should not remove eye makeup with oil.

Mineral oil is a natural substance derived from crude oil. This substance is refined for various uses. The most refined is that used in cosmetics. It is called mineral oil of cosmetic quality or white oil.

A study published by Pharma Cosmetic Research reveals that most make-up removers available on the market are based on mineral oil. Liquid cleansers are pure oil, while cream cleansers are oil mixed with water and emulsifiers.

The director of the division of oncological medicine of the Catalan Institute of Oncology explains that and the skin that surrounds them. Olive oil contains oleic acid which can react with other substances or with the pH level in humans.

According to the study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, there are 10 reasons not to remove the eye oil.

Be careful!

1. Mineral oil is an occlusive moisturizer. This means it prevents water loss from the skin and can affect the health of your eye area.

2. Mineral oil can be comedogenic, which means that the product contains pore-clogging substances.

3. The comedogenic oil creates a barrier or obstruction and causes blemishes or black spots on the face.

4. If you use oil to remove make-up from your eyes and have oily skin, you can make it look greasier.

5. Baby oil is also mineral oil, but only with added scent.

6. The eye makeup has a better fixation each time and, when the trend bets for darker shades, as it is, it costs more to remove it, do not use oil after rubbing too much because the components can irritate the eyes.

7. Olive oil, when applied to the eyes, is not always recommended, the degree of acidity of the product may have different effects on each person.

8. Virgin olive oil contains a natural chemical component with anti-inflammatory properties similar to those of ibuprofen, a drug whose side effects are yellowing of the skin or eyes.

9. Many women confuse virgin olive oil. When you buy a bottle containing only the word “olive oil”, you buy a refined oil. By refining the virgin olive oil, all the original components are lost.

10. In its natural state, almond oil has advantages, but if you have an allergy to almonds when you eat them, you will also have it when you apply your oil topically.

Knowing your body’s reactions to any product helps you define what’s best for your body.


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