10 Reasons Why You Should Cuddle

Being in a couple has for me the main advantage: the incredible amount of hugs that go with the relationship. And hugs have a whole lot of benefits. Discover them below.

10. One OF the best feelings

The hug is one of the most intimate and romantic things you can share with your partner. It is beyond simple intimacy, it is a message of comfort testifying to the partner of our presence near him and the fact that he is safe, warm and protected in our arms.

Studies have shown that couples who cuddle the most are happier and live better than others because they share things that even physical intercourse cannot bring: comfort and love.

9. The facts speak for themselves

Studies have shown that couples who tend to cuddle daily last longer and often have a more exclusive relationship. It has been proven that couples who don’t cuddle are not always exclusive because hugging brings something other than physical intercourse. If your partner is only interested in physical intercourse and if he acts strangely as soon as he is asked to take you in his arms, it is that it will not last.

8. It’s an excellent addiction remedy

Cuddling has been scientifically proven to help couples fight their addictions; whatever they are: the urge to smoke or any other bad habit becomes less pressing as soon as you cuddle daily.

When the urge to smoke is replaced by the embrace of her lover, warmth and love tend to make us forget our addictions.

7. A whole new level of communication

Many famous psychologists have insisted on the power of bringing cuddles and physical contact together. Because when you are in the arms of your loved one, you tend to open up to a whole new level of communication.

It is a way of telling the other that we are there for him, for a long time. Even if you are quiet during your cuddling session, you will both smile. Cuddle up!

6. Ideal for overwhelmed people

We all tend to be quickly overwhelmed by work and everyday life and hugs make up for the lost time. When we have lived a day of intense work, there is no sweeter feeling than that which gives us the embrace of our partner, when we tell him about our day and we listen to the progress of his. Nothing is more pleasant than that.

5. It helps fight depression

It has been scientifically proven that when we cuddle our partner, our body secretes a hormone called oxytocin. This is the hormone of happiness and once in the loving arms of our companion, our body begins to secrete oxytocin continuously, which automatically makes us smile and forget our bad day. Be happy by cuddling yourself more!

4. It helps keep good tension

Medical research has shown that hugs help fight depression and the less depressed you are, the better your blood pressure. And good tension is the assurance of fewer migraines, less fatigue and less daily ailments of this kind. So cuddle yourself more to stay healthy!

3. We wake up with a smile on our lips

When we fall asleep in the comforting arms of our loved one, we wake up as happy as possible. And when we are happy when we wake up, our day is more likely to be good! Cuddling in the morning is one of the best things in the world so why wait? Cuddle up!

2. Much more restful sleep

When we cuddle, we sleep better. Because hugs help our bodies block the release of cortisol. It is a hormone involved in the feeling of stress. Thus, by blocking the emission of cortisol and by secreting oxytocin, we reach a level of perfect happiness and health!

1. The happiness of being together

Studies have shown that couples who cuddle the most tend to be happier. They tend to trust each other more wherever they are. And they experience a whole new level of exclusivity, which is not provided by anything else.

In short, hugs make you happy, allow us to stay healthy and be satisfied with our relationship as a couple … So, read no more and go get your companion (or partner) now!

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