10 reasons to love a scorpio

Scorpio happens to be the eighth sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign are among the most misunderstood signs of the horoscope because a mystery reigns around their character, including their s exual aura. With intense people, they can be loved as hated at the same time.

Much remains to know about the enigmatic personality of Scorpio. So if you’re having trouble pinpointing a Scorpion and want to understand it better, discover 10 reasons to love a Scorpion!

  1. They deeply love 

Far from emotional superficiality, the Scorpions love the Other with unfailing intensity. However, before reaching the heart of a Scorpion, obstacles await you because they are impenetrable. They carefully choose the person who will share their life and constantly test their future partner in order to be sure of making the right choice. But when they have chosen their chosen heart, they cherish it with deep love.

  1. They feel things

Loving socialization, Scorpions walk by feeling. When they meet someone during an evening, they can be both introverted and extroverted depending on the topic of conversation and what catches their attention. At first, they may seem calm and intense, but they feel things inside. On the other hand, when they feel good, Scorpions like to go straight to the point, favoring deep and meaningful conversations rather than superficial gossip.

  1. They are funny 

Offensive to some, the sense of humor of Scorpions is a bit brutal. They are the type to make insightful jokes and they prefer dark and sarcastic humor. Their intelligence and humor style allow them to see the irony in any topic of discussion. They can liven up a dinner by launching teasing and spicy comments.

  1. They are ingenious

Scorpions are the most ingenious of the zodiac signs. They are able to use all the resources at their disposal to solve any problem. They are persistent and will tirelessly face all the challenges that life offers them. For them, giving up is not an option, especially in the area of ​​love.

  1. They are loyal

By nature, Scorpions are very secretive people, never fully revealing their deepest and darkest secrets. They do not display their belongings or yours in the public square. In addition, they are particularly loyal and trustworthy. However, they have incredible investigative abilities so if you hide a secret, they will find out.

  1. They like to control 

Being natural leaders, Scorpions like to have and keep control in order to get things done. This is why, when they lose control, they become unbearable. Ironically, their need for control turns out to be their strength and weakness. This permanent control allows them to accomplish things correctly and to preserve themselves in their relationships. They can use manipulation and make you think you have the power to keep it.

  1. They are mysterious

Scorpions are extremely mysterious but you never get bored by their side. They are fascinated by the dark side of life and like to find answers to the greatest mysteries of a person, a place or a thing. When you meet them, it’s easy to believe that they know more about you than you know about them. It is not for nothing that they love forensic series!

  1. They have a volcanic temper

Scorpions don’t get angry easily but when it does, you might as well expect an earthquake! When their trust is betrayed, they display a level of anger that you will never have seen before. It is at this moment that they externalize all the feelings buried inside and their language becomes acerbic. After being betrayed, they will forgive but will never forget it. Never cheat on a Scorpion, unless you want to understand the word revenge.

  1. They have psychological skills

Being very observant, Scorpions are particularly perceptive. They are able to know a person’s feelings before they have even expressed them. They are endlessly searching for the truth and are a lie detector .

  1. They are passionate lovers 

With their mystical s exual aura, Scorpions do not like boring s ex and they prefer passionate relationships. They love to try new experiences and they foster deep emotional connection with their partner. However, they are very jealous and possessive.


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