10 phrases that sound louder than an “I love you”

Hearing the three magic words is wonderful, but there are many other equally touching, if not much more overt, statements. Words you would never tire of hearing.<>

1 – “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

Compared to such a statement, the three little words look pale.<><><>

2 – “I would do anything for you”

Implied, he could travel the planet to come and save you, would serve you as an accomplice in case a murderer would doze in you, would prepare good meals in case of “lazy” (contraction of famine + lazy) and what would you like that you do. Are you really sure you prefer to settle for an “I love you”?<><><>

3 – “No more fruit juice, my love”

It is not enough to say “I love you”. It still has to be proven by deeds. And letting you finish the fruit juice or the last coffee pod in the morning (when he certainly wants it as much as you do), that earns him a lot of points!

4 – “I love you as you are”

Heard in “Bridget Jones”, by the gentleman Darcy, this sentence seduces us as much as it reassures us. No need to over-surf or jump in the bathroom when you wake up. He loves us with our qualities and our imperfections and we love the idea. Even if we wonder what imperfections he might find us.

5 – “You made me a better person”

Before you, he was a Don Juan , an uneducated man, a mother’s son … in short, an imperfect being. Since meeting you, he has acquired a loyalty , enjoys spending time reading books and even knows how to start a machine . Better still, he thanks you in addition to everything you have taught him. Isn’t it more pleasant and more original to hear that a “I love you” balanced by reflex?<><><>

6 – “I need you”

This phrase has the gift of touching us and giving us the impression of being essential in his eyes. We feel loved and important. Full box for him.

7 – “I can’t live without you”

Mix between a pledge of eternity in love and dependence on you, this information is much more tasty than an “I love you” which may not be worth anything tomorrow.<><><>

8 – “I totally trust you”

We may love you very much and not trust you fully . Whether rightly or wrongly, it’s still very common. So if yours gives you hers, take it. And be worthy of it.

9 – “You can stick your (frozen) feet to me, my heart”<>

Snuggled in the bed to try to warm up in the middle of winter, he still offers to wedge your frozen feet between his legs. A real gentleman, therefore, because in addition, contact with <>the feet has never been his cup of tea<> .<>

10 – “I want us to have children together”<>

Or its variant <>“Will you marry me?” <>. But children are a lifelong commitment because we cannot back down on the pretext that we had not thought enough. If he offers it to you, it is therefore a priori he projects himself with you very long term. And you who blamed him for not saying “I love you” often enough!<>

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