10% of people make this big mistake during love making

Se x is supposed to be an intimate and passionate act and some mistakes should never be made during se xual intercourse; they can be completely unacceptable in such an intimate moment. If you value your partner, never let an outside element disturb your lovemaking. Let’s discover the intruder who interferes in the privacy of almost 10% of couples.

Making love is an art reserved for both men and women. Both must be in harmony and synthesize their union by amorous frolics, free of all constraints and especially disturbing elements. Unfortunately, it happens that during the s exual act, some people are distracted from their partner because of a message received. It sounds strange at first, yet 10% of people admitted to checking their phone during se x.

The phone, this intruder who shares our bed

To make love to a person, supposes to give him all the love and all the possible attention. The se xual act must be fusional and entirely devoted to the person we love. But the phone has taken a place grabbing in the bed of some couples , especially among young people. A little text here and a tweet there, in the middle of foreplay or s exual intercourse.

According to a study conducted by Jumio (an identity verification services company) and published by the Daily Mail , 20% of young people under 34 confirm using their mobile phone during their lovemaking; even worse some even went as far as answering the phone during the s exual act. To believe that this intruder forms with the couple a household with three.

Other even more unusual facts were recorded during these polls. Selfies are taken during lovemaking and nude photos; consequence: shorter se x, on average 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Some even go so far as to consult their mail and answer them if necessary. Others sleep with the phone in bed at the risk of being awakened by a call or the beep of the messaging or even go to the bathroom with their beloved smartphone so you do not miss any exchange. 

The smartphone has become an extension of the human being; he is an integral part of his life whether professional, family or se xual. According to Marc Barach, marketing manager of Jumio, these people can no longer part with their smartphone that is carried everywhere and used wrongly and even while driving. He adds at the same time that this phenomenon has become so widespread that 12% of people surveyed go so far as to check their messaging in the shower.

Other disadvantages of the technology used in bed

According to a study by researchers at Durham University in the United Kingdom, 40% of couples prefer surfing the web or watching movies or videos, rather than having se x. According to researcher Mark McCormarck, these different technological instruments must not be introduced into the bedroom in any way.  

Consequences of the intrusion of the smartphone

The survey conducted by Jumio is formal about the use of the smartphone during the se xual act: it is a killer-love; it seriously damages the love life. Thus, 15% of couples remain less active se xually because of the frequent viewing of their smartphone during their dating.

People who experience this behavior from their tech-addicted partner are disgusted and define this behavior as a lack of respect; they simply end up taking their distance and moving away.

Other couples use new technology as a way to expand their work but in bed! Again, the alarm signal must be fired. According to the se xologist, Catherine Solano, this act can be a flight from reality while surfing in the virtual; it is to flee the person who is nearby, it is to be present without being really. This addiction to technology can be deadly and crippling to love life; she kills the libido and destroys the intimacy of the couple. This new technology becomes a dangerous competitor and is encrusted to make a household with the three partners.  

The ultimate solution is to extinguish or remove any technological object from the bedroom, which must remain a place imbued with love and intimacy, and especially with emotional or se xual affiliation.


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