10 lies that men usually tell their wives

He says that you have not gained weight and that the little red dress is perfect for you when you are not really convinced. How do you know if what he is telling you is truth or pure lie? The answer by 10 in the rest of this article.

Without falling into generalities, it sometimes happens to men to lie and for this reason we share with you a list of the most common lies that men are likely to tell their wives. And between us ladies, if men lie sometimes it’s just because they do not want to hurt us or to prove their manhood. There are obviously lies that can impact the relationship of the couple especially when it comes to serious subjects such as infidelity. This type of lie destroys mutual trust and often pushes the couple to ruin.

10 most common lies:

  1. “It’s good. I do not mind you going out with your girlfriends.

That’s not true in some cases, he’s jealous and he’ll call you all night, so maybe it’s better to invite him too? Certainly, it is a sign that your man is worried about you, that he loves you, and that he is making an effort to give you a margin of freedom.

  1. “I do not have time to send you a text message. I am too busy at work. ” 

Okay, he does not have a free minute for you? Maybe he just does not want to have that minute. Nobody is busy all the time, it’s just a question of priorities.

  1. “I’m not jealous of your ex.” 

There are two options here: either he’s lying or he does not care. It is true that it is not easy for a man to confess that he is jealous, but it is sure that you will be able to feel his jealousy.

  1. “I know this situation hurt you. You can talk to me about it again. 

Probably, he will not listen to your drama. So you better share it with your friend, not your boyfriend. Men are not always interested in dramatic discussion, especially when they do not see it as a big problem.

  1. ” Yes, of course. Let’s go out with your friends tonight. ” 

He would probably prefer to stay at home. So you can ask him again if he really thinks so, maybe he just wants to please you. It’s a good gesture, but it must also be done with desire.

  1. “No, I did not look at this woman. I do not look at other women anymore. “

It’s just against the nature of man and it’s quite normal. But he will not admit it to you of course. What should rather alarm you is when your man looks “too” other women and you forget.

  1. “You were drunk, but it’s okay.”

Probably, he did not like that. Helping your wife relieve herself in the bathroom after a boozy evening is not the most enjoyable thing to do with a woman.

  1. “I work late tonight, sorry.” 

Yes, there are exceptions, but he’s probably lying if he pulls out that excuse several times a week. Besides, you will feel it, trust your 6th feminine sense.

  1. “Yes, you can come even late. ” 

This is not true. We bet he will be very worried. However, there is always a strong possibility that he does not care, and that will not please you.

  1. “I do not watch porn online”. 

The majority of men can see from time to time, but being in a relationship, they sometimes have trouble admitting.


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