10 Habits you must learn to form a happy and lasting couple

You are a couple, you invest in this relationship and you want to improve it? You wonder if there was a miracle ingredient. According to psychologist and international speaker Mark Goulston, it is necessary to cultivate love and desire within the couple. To do this, he advises to take these 10 habits that help you live happily for as long as possible.

1- In the evening, go to bed at the same time as at the start of your relationship!

2- Cultivate common interests: It is important to share passions or just do small activities together. If not, create new common interests … But, don’t forget to cultivate your personal passions too, it’s also very important.

3- Get in the habit of walking hand in hand or walk side by side.

4- A lasting and happy couple relationship is first of all based on mutual trust and forgiveness. Without these 2 principles, no relationship can stand the test of time.

5- Focus on everything your partner does well, rather than what he does wrong.

6- Touch yourself and cuddle. Your skin retains a memory of touch that positively affects your body and mind.

7- Get used to declaring your love each morning, saying “I love you” and “good day”.

8- Never sleep without wishing you good night, even when you have had an argument or when you have problems.

9- Stay in touch with your partner during the day, even with a short message. This allows you to get news and it’s always fun.

10- Be proud of your spouse and hold their hand proudly in public.

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