10 evidence that your partner does not deserve you

There are signs that do not deceive! Your boyfriend does not understand you, does not give you his full attention or contradicts you constantly? Let’s say you have not come across the simplest person to tame anyone … So how do you know if your loved one is a real ignorant of feelings? The answer in 10 points!

While some people have no difficulty in communicating their feelings and emotions to their loved ones, others find this exercise a little more difficult, and sometimes even clumsy when it comes to be a loving and considerate boyfriend.
But how can your boyfriend be so bad?

  1. Disappointing

It may sound hard to say (and to hear especially) but your darling can sometimes disappoint you, especially when it comes to making important decisions and he is unable to do so.

  1. He makes you doubt yourself

He looks at you with contempt, takes you high, judges you, taunts you and, above all, makes you constantly doubt yourself. It is very likely that we hold the big winner of the most useless little friends! Arrogant, condescending, hurtful, your man has no tact and has no sense of finesse. Worse still, it gives you the impression that you are nothing without him and that you should consider yourself happy to be with him … Here is a loving little friend!

  1. He makes you feel guilty!

Whatever fault you may commit, a considerate man will always seek to reassure you and try to find solutions with you, to solve all your worries! If you are in front of a guy who will try above all to make you feel guilty whatever you do, we advise you to flee as soon as possible, or at least to discuss it with him for a long time!

  1. He likes to play with your nerves …

It is not said that all men are the type to blithely deceive their companions. But some of them like to play with the nerves of their darlings by dredging other women, or at least being flirted. Egocentric, narcissistic, your man is perhaps of those who appreciate being noticed and desired, and we understand that this can annoy you ladies!

  1. It gives you the impression of not having good taste! 

“Oh? You find this picture beautiful you? “Do you really like that kind of music? And me who thought you had good taste … “. As many small peaks addressed to you and that can be unpleasant to hear, especially when it comes to something as subjective as your musical tastes or others. This is a way to belittle you and make you feel that it is surely thanks to him that you are appreciated by the people around you …

  1. He is sorely lacking in attention 

Whether it is to compliment you or to be a little attentive to what you tell him, your man will be on the contrary, the most distant and most contemptuous about it.

  1. He does not trust you 

Jealous, possessive, he does not trust you at all and wants to be aware of absolutely everything when you are not with him. Besides, needless to say, that you go out only between friends or even with his own friends since he does not trust them either! This type of reaction actually reflects a great lack of self-confidence.

  1. He sends you his negative waves 

His mere presence in the same room as you sometimes enough to make you anxious and put you in bad shape! Remember to distance yourself and protect yourself from this ball of negativity that sometimes constitutes for you your companion!

  1. He does not care about you 

… or at least, that very little! He refuses to make concessions for you, whatever the subject, because he thinks it’s up to you to do it for him! Besides, it does not matter whether you’re angry or angry with him: he does not really care!

  1. He isolates you! 

Whether it’s your friends or your family, he’s constantly trying to make you lose touch with the people around you and so isolate you. No doubt to have full control over you and what you do …


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