10 compliments men love to hear

Because the way to a man’s heart goes through his ego, you shouldn’t hesitate to flatter the one who makes you crack. An anthology of compliments that men love to hear.

1 – You are good in b*d

Because men have an ultra developed competitive spirit, compliment him on his s**xual performance. Do not hesitate to tell him that he is the best bang you have ever had, that he is the first to make you cum, etc. The more you show him that you are satisfied on this point, the more he will redouble his efforts to please you.>

2 – I can talk to you about everything

It is the most beautiful mark of confidence that you can offer him. By saying “with you, I can talk about everything”, you imply that you have never reached this level of complicity before with a man. And it’s super rewarding …

3 – You smell good

Not only does he have the nose to choose his perfumes but in addition, he has a delicious natural smell. Some skins attract like magnets. If you tell him that’s the case with him, he’ll take that as a compliment.

4 – I feel safe with you

By saying this to a man, you show him how strong and manly he is. This awakens his protective instinct and makes him want to take care of you all the more.

5 – You’re damn well

Even if he is not necessarily hyper muscular, the important thing is that his body pleases you. Do not hesitate to tell him that you adore such or such part of his body and that you could spend hours contemplating it… It will boost his ego!

6 – I like your humor

The point isn’t to laugh at his crappy jokes, but to show him that you appreciate his humor. A man needs to be reassured about his ability to satisfy you in every way. 

7 – I love your friends

His friends, it’s sacred. The day he introduces them to you is because he really cares about you. If you don’t like them, never let him know because to choose, he will always take his friends. Rather, tell him that his friends are awesome and that you appreciate them, he will be happy.

8 – You are good at your job

Men like to feel unique and exceptional. When he tells you about his work, flatter him. Show him how good he is in his field and that you love to see him so passionate.

9 – I’m fine with you

Nothing like it to show him how happy he makes you. Tell him “With you, I feel good. I can finally be myself, without being afraid of being judged. It feels really good… ”. This will reassure him about his ability to play his role as a dominant male.

10 – You are interesting

Again, you highlight him and he loves it! Brush it with the grain, show it that it teaches you things that you did not know, that it enriches you. A man also sometimes lacks self-confidence so flatter his qualities!

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