10 benefits of sleeping naked that you ignore

Even if the idea of ​​sleeping in the clothes of Eve and Adam can cool more than one, it turns out that this habit has many benefits both on health and on life as a couple. A recent American study has shown that a third of the population prefers to sleep naked, a phenomenon that tends to spread worldwide due to its many benefits.

For those who do not dare to abandon their pajamas in favor of nudity, here is an article that could make you change your mind. Sleeping without clothes has a number of benefits that you may not be aware of. Even if some people find it embarrassing and impractical, here are ten reasons that will encourage you to adopt nudity while going to bed.

10 reasons to drop your pajamas:

It’s very useful

Isn’t it easier to take off your clothes before going to bed without having to put on your pajamas? Just hang the outfit you are wearing or put it in the dirty and slip directly under the duvet. It’s so much simpler and more practical, especially if the day has been long.

It’s relaxing

The idea of ​​sleeping without feeling the discomfort of the bra or being tight in a boxer is very tempting. Studies show that sleeping naked makes it easier to fall asleep and has a relaxing effect. No underwear that irritates you, no cords that get tangled, just you and the feel of the sheets against your skin.

It is beneficial for the bladder

Sleeping naked increases nighttime pee breaks. This may seem restrictive because many of you hate being tickled by your bladder at night and having to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. However, be aware that urinating as soon as you feel like it is beneficial for your bladder in the long term. Don’t hold back anymore!

Increase efficiency

Having to take off your pajamas in the morning to get dressed is wasting your time. Waking up naked saves a few minutes in the morning because you skip this step. Especially since sleeping without clothes, you feel a few chills in the morning that will help you get out of bed faster.

Improve your s ex life

What could be better for tickling your partner than slipping into bed in your simplest device? Nudity promotes skin-to-skin contact, which stimulates your s ex life and completely satisfies your other half! Especially since the secreted oxytocin will make you both crazier with love and desire.

Regulates cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that tends to increase blood sugar and inhibit certain responses of the immune system. Sleeping in pajamas warms the body and increases the level of cortisol which causes cravings, anxiety and even obesity. Sleeping naked lowers your body temperature and thus regulates the level of this hormone.

The skin breathes better

During the night, the body is supposed to breathe gold, wearing clothes suffocates your skin. Sleeping naked allows her to be in contact with the air. In addition, by removing your pajamas, you avoid the increase in the temperature of your skin, and therefore perspiration and the proliferation of bacteria in the intimate area, armpits, mucous membranes and other skin folds.

Balances melatonin and growth hormones

Sleeping without discomfort and without constraints increases the production of melatonin, known as the sleep hormone. Nudity also increases the production of growth hormone, which slows skin aging and keeps the body healthy.

Keeps your intimate area healthy

Sleeping naked lowers body temperature, which reduces the risk of infection in women since vaginal yeast infection usually develops in warm, humid environments.
As for men, a cool environment is beneficial for testicular health and sperm quality.Allows you to endure hot summer nightsIn summer, wearing your pajamas to sleep is pure and simple torture, especially if the climate is humid . To remedy this, nothing better than a good shower before slipping completely naked (e) under the sheets for a good night without clothes that stick to the skin.

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