10 beautiful proofs of love that do not deceive

Many of us wonder if this man we have known for some time already really loves us. We ask a thousand and one questions. It is difficult to decipher his words and gestures. Above all, we like it so much that we only want one thing: that it be reciprocal!<>

Because it is clear that men are often difficult to follow (like women for that matter!). We are all different and each has their own way of expressing what they feel and sharing it with the principal.<>

Because great romantic gestures are good, but the small attentions of everyday life say much more about a man’s feelings. Here are 10 proofs of love that do not deceive and that means that he is crazy about you!<>

He is very demanding of time spent with you<>

If he no longer plans to spend a weekend without you, this is an extremely good sign. Similarly, if he always insists that you spend the night with him (even if it means having to drive 30 minutes the next day to drop you off at work), it’s still a good sign!<>

A man who can no longer do without you is a man in love. Does he almost have a tear in his eye when you tell him that you will be training next weekend? If so, know that you are becoming essential to him.<>

He is falling in love with you or maybe it is already too late! If he can no longer do without you, it is simply because your presence makes him happy and that he no longer imagines himself living without you. You’re very lucky ! <>You have found your pearl<>. Go for it.<>

It is very demonstrative<>

A man’s displays of affection in public say much more than a simple “I love you”. If he takes your hand as soon as you go out or does not hesitate to kiss you while you are dining out, it is because he feels something else for you than a simple physical attraction.<>

He is not ashamed and he is not embarrassed. It is a sign of his deep affection for you. It means he wants to shout his love for you to the world.<>

Conversely, if he refuses to show any affection in public, it is not necessarily prohibitive. Personally, I don’t like it and I’m not the only one. Maybe he’s just shy. Perhaps he is modest.<>

Be careful, however, if he categorically refuses to hold your hand, it is doubtful. Nor should we exaggerate!<>

He is attentive on a daily basis<>

We are referring here to small gestures of pure kindness. To small services that he performs regularly and without you having to ask them. Above all, without expecting anything in return.<>

Can’t stand getting up with the sink full of dishes? He knows it and hastens to do it the same evening so that you can enjoy a peaceful and carefree awakening! It’s all the cuter if he doesn’t care about having a full sink in the morning.<>

A man who makes this kind of effort and this kind of gesture is without a doubt a caring and considerate man. A man who cares about taking care of you and making you happy can only be <>a man in love<>!<>

Be careful, however, that his little gestures do not stop when you have agreed to spend the night with him. But if they are daily and repeat over time, do not go out anymore and get started.<>

He thinks of you all day long<>

In a hyper-connected era like ours, your man’s relationship with his phone is extremely valuable and can tell us about his feelings for you.<>

If he spends his time on his phone but takes hours to answer you, this is not a good sign. If you see him “online” and he doesn’t deign to answer you either, this is not a good sign.<>

On the other hand, if he takes the time to write you a little message during the day to hear from you or simply to say hello, that is a very good sign! If he writes to you, even when you know he has a busy day, it is a sign of a man in love.<>

In short, he thinks of you and he needs to tell you. He is loving and sweet and it shows in these little words he sends you.<>

He pays attention to everything you tell him<>

And it shows every day! If you notice that he remembers everything you say to him and every little detail in your life, then he is really interested in you. He does not pretend. He doesn’t do it on purpose. It is just that he drinks your words and it is obviously a sign of sincere feelings.<>

Do you remember the age at which your parents met when you only mentioned it once? He remembered your dentist’s appointment and asked you how it went? He offers you a box of your favorite chocolates while the shop is at the other end of town and you only spoke briefly?<>

In short, he loves you! Believe me, a man who remembers and uses his memory to the fullest is a loving man. It also means that he listens to you when you speak and that is more than precious. In short, he may be <>the ideal man<>!<>

It is very good advice<>

Already, the fact that he gives you advice proves that he listens to what you tell him. It also proves that he is truly in your life. That he is comfortable there and that he is interested in what is happening to you.<>

But if he also takes the time to give you advice and guide you, it is because he is genuinely involved and intends to continue in this direction. He is interested in you and he only wants your happiness. In fact, he does not hesitate to give you his opinion or his opinion.<>

If, in addition, he never judges you and tries to understand yourself as much as possible by asking questions and conducting his own research, it is because he really loves you. He is active in your life. It is not just passive: it acts and it feels good.<>

In short, it means that you can count on him and this is perhaps what is most important in a couple of relationships: knowing that the other will always be there for us. What’s more, a man who just wants to sleep with you would never go that far.<>

Social networks know everything about your relationship!<>

Men are often less active than women on social media. But if yours seems to like Instagram and Facebook, it can be interesting to look at the place you have on its pages to learn more about the place you occupy in his life.<>

In other words, if he changed his love status, if he publishes photos of you two, if he marks you on publications or if he publishes little hearts on your wall, it is an excellent sign.<>

It’s pretty symbolic actually. This means that he considers you part of his life and that he is proud of it. It is a kind of pre-announcement of your relationship.<>

In short, it is that he has deep feelings for you and that he does not intend to abandon you anytime soon. You are there and he wants it to last.<>

He introduced you to his friends<>

There, it is a sign which does not deceive. A man who introduces his best friend to you and invites you to spend an evening with his office colleagues does not pretend.<>

In other words, he wants to introduce you to his life. He wants you to be part of it and invites you to discover the world in which he evolves.<>

This is a very good sign because it means that he is proud to show off on your arm. It also means that he imagines himself with you in the future and not just for one night. Believe me, a man who does not introduce you to his friends even after weeks of relationship is not <>a serious man<>. But if it is, it is quite the opposite.<>

If in addition, you have already met his parents, there is no longer any doubt as to what he feels for you.<>


He lets you enter his privacy<>

Here is a sign which does not really deceive! If he leaves you alone at home. If he lets you cook at home or put away some things in the closet of his bathroom, it is a sign of his desire to make you enter his intimacy and therefore in his life.<>

Likewise, if he tells you secrets he had never shared with anyone, it’s extremely positive.<>

All of these things are signs of confidence. And there is nothing more precious than trust, especially in the context of a romantic relationship. It is a roundabout and symbolic way of telling you that he loves you and that he is ready to go a long way with you.<>

So, if you like it too, don’t be afraid anymore and go for it.<>

He knows how to be grateful<>

It may sound anecdotal or almost stupid, but when someone is able to say thank you, it means that they have a minimum of consideration for you and for what you do.<>

If he thanks you (whether in words or with a small bouquet of flowers) because you helped him to do some storage at his place or because you accompanied him to his sports class, it is an extremely good sign.<>

It means that he too appreciates the little things you do for him and all the little services you do for him. It also means that your presence makes him happy and that he thanks Heaven for having finally met you.<>

In short, the power of recognition should never be underestimated.<>

All the things we mention here are proofs of love. But beware, no one is the same and no one is perfect. Unfortunately, there are men capable of doing all these gestures for a simple overnight relationship. Narcissists and violent men are also capable of all these things, without loving you sincerely.<>

Rather, say that a man who loves you will tend to think of you, to take you into his life, to remember the things you say to him, etc.<>

But remember, <>love is not an exact science<>! An article can never be sure of your man’s love for you. Take this as a little boost. A way of knowing or watching.<>

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