10 activities that are good for body and soul

 Taking time for yourself is so important, yet many of us do not do it enough. Whether it’s a feeling of lack of time, a lack of activity ideas or a belief that “doing activities for oneself is expensive”, we too often get carried away by the flow of routines and the time that goes at a crazy speed. However, it is up to us to slow down to take care of ourselves, take time and step back and do as much good for his soul as his body.

Here are 10 activities to do without moderation and that can easily be free!

Spend time in nature

Cities are growing and growing in number. Many people spend much more time in the city than in nature, with negative consequences on the body and mind. Spending time in nature costs nothing and even if you live in the city, you surely have the possibility to go out of it or find a nice park

 Cuddle trees

Cuddling trees is not a perch thing and it even has a name: sylvotherapy.
This soothing practice makes it possible to connect to the energies of the tree as well as to free oneself from accumulated tensions. A bowl of fresh energy and physical air!

In addition, it is a practice that spreads more and more so do not be afraid of the eyes of others, it is for you that you do it 

Coloring mandalas

Coloring mandalas has many benefits that I propose to discover in a dedicated article. You can also download some mandalas to print and color!


If like me, you like to read, you know the well-being that it provides.
A sofa, a good novel and a cup of tea and you have the winning combo for a relaxing break that, moreover, allows you to work the imagination!

Take pictures

You may not know it, but besides this blog and the activity I’m developing, my other passion is photography!

I can spend hours walking around, my camera around my neck. These moments are truly meditative moments for me. In addition, it often allows me to see many small details that I would not see otherwise, to change your point of view to see a place that I know, from another angle. These are moments that bring me as much from a creative point of view as very personal. 

I can only encourage you to try 

Cook for oneself and those we love

A good meal is a great opportunity to gather, share, and interact with those close to us. But to make a good meal, you have to start cooking.

Did you know that cooking also helps to develop creativity? It’s also a great way to take time with yourself.

Take the opportunity to listen to an inspirational podcast or well-being or just let your thoughts cross your mind and watch them!

Listen to music

Some music really calms down and contributes to a relaxation of body and mind.

Feel free to lie on the couch listening to soothing music.
Doing nothing does a lot of good and it’s important to recharge the batteries. So do not feel guilty doing nothing when you feel the need. 


Writing allows you to find yourself, with your concerns, your thoughts, your ideas …
Write allows you to put on paper everything that goes through the head to see all this from another angle or just to free yourself emotions, thoughts.      

Do not hesitate to keep a diary or a notebook in which you let go as soon as you feel the need to empty your bag or simply to leave a trace of a great event that just happened. If you do not think about writing, you can hang in your schedule, spend time on it, 10 min every morning for example, and write everything that goes through your head.

By force, the reflex writing will come to you naturally when you will need it.

Physical activities

 Whether intense sports activities or not, dance, yoga, swimming, walking, gardening … think to move every day.

Physical activity helps to prevent sedentary life and therefore premature aging of the body and mind. So if you want to take care of yourself, move as much as possible.

But above all, do an activity that you like and not the fashionable one because “everyone is doing this”

Shoot the cards

I can not write an article like this and do not talk about spirituality. Shooting the cards really helps to come back on oneself, it’s a moment of calm, of introspection and it is a moment that I particularly like when I need a moment “to me”.


Taking time for yourself, doing good every day is very important for a good mind-body balance and a good energy balance. These activities also help to reduce stress and get out of the vortex in which we often live.


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