How to remove the effects of wounds

Medical methods

There are several medical methods used to get rid of the scars and traces of wounds, namely:

Ointments, or gels

These substances do not require a prescription. It is indicated that they help to reduce the scars resulting from the effects of surgeries, or wounds and injuries, including corticosteroid, antihistamines, and can consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.


There are many options for this treatment, can be skin grafting, or laser surgery, to be discussed by the doctor in this surgery, and the person is either local anesthesia, with an oral sedative, or general anesthesia.


Using this method for prominent scars, your doctor may choose to inject a steroid to relieve the appearance of scars. This treatment can be used individually, or by adding it to other treatments.

Laser surgery

This treatment is used to relieve prominent or flat scars, and a CO2 laser can be used to treat different types of scars.

Natural ways

Shea butter and coconut oil

The moisture of the affected area should be kept in the event of a skin injury, such as cutting, burning, or tearing, and covered until it heals.

Shea butter or coconut oil can be used to keep the wound moist, which helps prevent traces; Scars, or alleviating them, have been shown to be the fatty acids (omega 3) and antioxidants found in shea butter and coconut oil that help repair skin, prevent scarring and fibrosis.

It is also effective for moisturizing the skin and can be used two to three times a day, It is not necessary to wash or remove them from the skin, they are very useful for humans.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered a natural remedy in many skin conditions, including treatment of scars and the effects of wounds. It helps to regenerate damaged tissue and promote the healing process.

It is applied to the affected area, by peeling the outer cover of the aloe vera leaf, extracting the gel, and applying it to the skin. For half an hour or longer, it can be left overnight, applied two or three times a day.

Tips to prevent the appearance of wounds

There are some ways to reduce the appearance of scars after wounds, and recommends the American Academy of Dermatology to follow some things, including:

  • Keep the affected area clean.
  • Keep the affected area moist, to maintain healthy tissue.
  • Remove stitches as recommended by your doctor and do not delay or remove them before the scheduled time.
  • Use sunscreen, sunscreen cream.

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